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Alice Few, Dave Lange, Carrie Cone, Warren Baltimore, Jim McCarter, Kelley Duffied McCarter, Libbie Soden, Lee Dwelle, Paige Murray, John Kershaw

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Recipes - USA  
  1. Extra Bitter I
  2. Nut Brown Ale
  3. Libbie's Light Weight
  4. Extra Bitter 2
  5. Jim Lassoie Memorial Wheat
  6. Dr. Dan's Sludge Stout
  7. Libbies Light II
  8. April Fool's Amber Ale
  9. Extra Bitter III
  10. Nut Brown Ale
  11. Libbie's Medium Weight
  12. Extra Bitter IV
  13. 1990 Christmas Ales
    Ginger Ale (1990 Xmas)
    Spice Ale (1990 Xmas)
  14. Extra Bitter (Simple)
  15. St. Patrick's Day Brew
  16. Nut Brown Ale III
  17. Crystal Ale
  18. Trappist Ale
  19. Amber Ale
  20. German Altbier
  21. Oatmeal Stout
  22. Crystal Spice Ale
  23. Dark Crystal Ale
  24. Trappist Ale
  25. German Alt
  26. American Ale
  27. English Mild
  28. Light Nut Brown Ale
  29. Oatmeal Cookie Stout
  30. Sleepy Time Root Beer
  31. Oatmeal Stout 2 (OS/2)
  32. Schon India Pale Ale
  33. Raspberry Crystal Ale
  34. Kellie's Crystal Ale
  35. Zap Stout
  36. Rain-out Crystal Ale
  37. Equinox India Pale Ale
  38. Harvest Eclipse Stout
  39. Looking Glass ESB
  40. 1996 Christmas Ale
  41. Oatmeal Stout 3 (OS/2)
  42. IPA 97
  43. Crystal 97 Ale
  44. 1997 Christmas Ale
  45. Kershaw Celtic
  46. King Wenceslas Ale
  47. IPA 99
  48. Nollag Stout
  49. Cheech & Chong's Smokin' Stout
  50. "Spice Reigns Again" Winter Ale
Recipes - Canada
  1. Canberry Stout
  2. Winter White I
  3. #4 - A hefeweizen
Jim Lassoie Memorial Wheat Beer
Bottled: 3-7-90
Quantity Ingrediants
3.5 lbs. English Wheat Malt
.5 lb. English Crystal Malt
1.0 lb. Domestic 6-row Pale Malt
3.0 lbs. Alexander's (pale) Malt Extract
2 oz. Hallertauer Hops
  Wheat Beer Yeast Culture

Wheat Beer Recipe from The Homebrewer's Store:

Mash-in grains with hot tap water to produce a thick mash at 110-120 F° and hold for 15 min. Then raise to 135 degrees by adding (and stirring) boiling water, hold for 20 min. Then raise to 155 * by adding boiling water, and hold until starch conversion (or 1 hour). Note: starch conversion may be as rapid as 30 minutes. You will receive higher yield if you let it continue another 15 minutes. To hold temperature constant, it helps to insulate the kettle.

Sparge (rinse) grain by draining over a colander and then adding grain to kettle again with 170 * water. Allow to stand for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, then drain through colander. After you have collected enough liquid to boil (with the extract), it is good to strain the liquid through a finer sieve or cheesecloth. (If you use cheesecloth, first rinse it with hot water to remove traces of bleaches & cleansers). Boil for 15 minutes without hops, then add 1.5 oz. of Hallertauer and boil for 45 minutes.

With heat off and lid on, finish with 0.5 oz. of cascade, Goldings, northern brewer, or 1 oz. of Hallertauer. You can use one of the above hops varieties for a boiling substitute, only decrease by 1 oz. Wheat beer is not usually dry-hopped.

Your yeast culture is a combination of S. Ceravesiae and S. Delbruckii - a traditional southern German wheat beer mixture. This beer is best served fresh.