FFF Nanobrewery - Recipe & Brewing Notebook

Jim McCarter, Alice Few, Kelley Duffied McCarter, Dave Lange, Carrie Cone, Libbie Soden, Lee Dwelle, Paige Murray, John Kershaw

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Recipes - USA  
  1. Extra Bitter I
  2. Nut Brown Ale
  3. Libbie's Light Weight
  4. Extra Bitter 2
  5. Jim Lassoie Memorial Wheat
  6. Dr. Dan's Sludge Stout
  7. Libbies Light II
  8. April Fool's Amber Ale
  9. Extra Bitter III
  10. Nut Brown Ale
  11. Libbie's Medium Weight
  12. Extra Bitter IV
  13. 1990 Christmas Ales
    Ginger Ale (1990 Xmas)
    Spice Ale (1990 Xmas)
  14. Extra Bitter (Simple)
  15. St. Patrick's Day Brew
  16. Nut Brown Ale III
  17. Crystal Ale
  18. Trappist Ale
  19. Amber Ale
  20. German Altbier
  21. Oatmeal Stout
  22. Crystal Spice Ale
  23. Dark Crystal Ale
  24. Trappist Ale
  25. German Alt
  26. American Ale
  27. English Mild
  28. Light Nut Brown Ale
  29. Oatmeal Cookie Stout
  30. Sleepy Time Root Beer
  31. Oatmeal Stout 2 (OS/2)
  32. Schon India Pale Ale
  33. Raspberry Crystal Ale
  34. Kellie's Crystal Ale
  35. Zap Stout
  36. Rain-out Crystal Ale
  37. Equinox India Pale Ale
  38. Harvest Eclipse Stout
  39. Looking Glass ESB
  40. 1996 Christmas Ale
  41. Oatmeal Stout 3 (OS/2)
  42. IPA 97
  43. Crystal 97 Ale
  44. 1997 Christmas Ale
  45. Kershaw Celtic
  46. King Wenceslas Ale
  47. IPA 99
  48. Nollag Stout
  49. Cheech & Chong's Smokin' Stout
  50. "Spice Reigns Again" Winter Ale
Recipes - Canada
  1. Canberry Stout
  2. Winter White I
  3. #4 - A hefeweizen

FFF Nanobrewery

Recipe & Brewing Notebook

Jim McCarter, Alice Few, Libbie Soden, Lee Dwelle, Paige Murray, John Kershaw

The History of the FFF Nanobrewery

The FFF Nanobrewery (Triple-F) was started in the Seattle area early in 1990. The charter members, John and Libbie, started brewing but soon decided that a third person would be very beneficial. Shortly thereafter, they drafted Jim to cement the chemistry that made up the now famous FFF brewing team. Theirs was a philosophy epitomized by Charlie Papazian in The Complete Joy of Home Brewing --- "have another beer". The ale flavors developed over long hours of tasting competitors ales and wondering "what are we doing"; have now become the standard brews of the FFF Nanobrewery: Extra Bitter, Libbie's Lightweight, Dr. Dan's Sludge Stout, Nutbrown Ale, and the 1991 Christmas ales. Along with their supplier Pat (1-800-TAP-BREW) they have taken the art of brewing to new heights in the development of distinctive ale flavors.

The Winter of 1990-1991 proved disastrous to the accumulated stock of the FFF Nanobrewery. Due to the winter storms and extreme cold, most of the stock stored at Libbie's house was frozen breaking many bottles and leaving an atrocious mess on the back porch. From this, the FFF Nanobrewery has learned not to store their beer outside --- even in Seattle!

The Summer of 1991 brought about major changes to the brewery. With the eminent relocation of the brewery, production of the fine ales was notably reduced. Along with the relocation came the departure of charter member John to New Brunswick, Canada. Taking the move as a challenge, John started an east coast branch of the FFF Nanobrewery. By November of 1991, the situation on the west coast had settled to the point that brewing was resumed. The resumption of brewing also coincided with the addition of a new member, Paige, to the west coast team.

Having survived the harrowing first year, the FFF Nanobrewery commissioned the production of its first commemorative glassware. We hope you enjoy them in good health.

East Coast (Canada Limited) FFF Update

The 1991 Merry Christmas Ale has been a huge success around holiday parties in the Fredericton Area. In addition to the Merry Christmas Beer, there was a small production of Naughty or Nice Spice Ale and a Very Ginger Beer.

For the winter 1992, we are introducing a new stout: Cranberry Stout, in the festive mood, we combined to old (emphasis on the OLD) favorites: Dr. Dan's Sludge Stout and Cranberries. We will let you know the public reception.

For January we have an Extra-Bitter planned and maybe a Bock or Wheat Beer for February. FFF Canada is fully organized and plans a brew a month in 92 (it doesn't rhyme, but sounds good just the same). The only problem FFF Canada faces is that I can't go home when it is all done. I had a student over for the Christmas Beer mixing and bottling, when it came time for clean up, "he had too go study." Hum, I remember that line being funnier when I told it to Libbie. Well I guess all things change.

Diversity and good beer is the goal of FFF Canada.