2004 - Lake Ripley, Wisconsin

The 2004 McCarter Family Reunion is back on track this year after two years of being hijacked by family weddings.

This year is the first year without Dad. Jeff was the organizer and he came up with the idea of re-visting Lake Ripley, Cambridge, Wisconsin -- where we used to vacation during the kids highschool years.

Jeff arranged to rent the Lake Ripley Lodge and Bed & Breakfast, located across the lake from where we used to stay (Willow Beach). The Lake Ripley Lodge represents a by gone era with it's style linking it to building of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, with cedar floors, french doors, and wrap around screened veranda. The lodge has eight guest rooms and five baths.

The gang gathers the first evening after long travel days. Jim, Kelley, and Mom all met at Jeff's house in Chicago.


This is an example of what the water looks like on the best water ski days -- "glass".

Growing up each of the McCarter kids was exposed to many fishing opportunities.

Jeff teaches Jack and Will all about fishing. Jeff spent all week trying to land a largemouth bass that was swiming around the dock. He finally caught it on the last day.

We rented a pontoon boat for a day.
Mom watching her kids playing on the dock...
The sun sets on another enjoyable familu visit...


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